The Two Paths to Free GCP Certification Voucher: November 2023 Edition


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The value of a GCP certification grows as the tech industry changes. Thankfully, there are two simple and free ways to become GCP certified as of November 2023. Let's explore these chances and discover ways to take advantage of them.

1. Coursera + GCP: An Add-On for Free Certification

A. The Offer:

Coursera and GCP have joined forces to offer complimentary chances for GCP certification. Take these actions to take advantage of this offer:

B. Actions to Take:

  1. Go to the GCP Certification Page on Coursera.

  2. Select a specialization or learning route within GCP.

  3. Finish the chosen course.

  4. After completing the course, get a voucher for a free GCP certification exam.

C. Restrictions:

  • There can only be one voucher per participant for this deal.

  • The offer is valid through December 31, 2023.

  • Use the free trial period offered by Coursera to access the courses without paying anything extra.

2. Google Cloud Partners: Enhance Your Proficiency with Partner Certification Kickstart

A. The Programme:

The Partner Certification Kickstart program is available to Google Cloud Partners. How to maximize it is as follows:

B. Actions to Take:

  1. Please sign into your Partner Advantage account if you are a Google Cloud Partner.

  2. Go to the Kickstart page for Partner Certification.

  3. Navigate to Google Cloud Skills Boost for Partners and finish the necessary tasks.

  4. Take advantage of limitless learning resources and mentorship from Google Cloud training professionals.

  5. Upon completion, get a voucher good for the cost of the GCP certification exam.

C. Restrictions:

  • This is a Google Cloud Partner-only program.

  • In order to be eligible for the exam cost voucher, make sure you finish the necessary tasks.

In conclusion, it only takes a few clicks to take advantage of the free GCP certification offer. These pathways provide an opportunity to improve your abilities without having to pay for them, whether you want to enroll in the Partner Certification Kickstart program or choose one of Coursera's learning tracks. Don't pass up these chances; begin your GCP certification process right now!

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