How to Install Discord on Kali Linux 2021.1 (and other linux distributions)

Installing Discord on kali linux was damn easy. but after the library libappindicator1 which is still discord dependency is no more available on kali Linux

It became so hard to install discord on Kali Linux latest versions. And installing discord on my pc took me 2 hours of struggle. so now i am writing this blog so i can save your time. and you can install it in like 10-15 mints.

Step 1: Download Discord for Linux

First download the tar.gz file from Discord’s website.

in this tutorial i am using version 0.0.13 of Discord and kali linux 2021.1 release.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded file to opt directory

Open the terminal in downloads or where ever you have saved the tar.gz file of discord. and run this command

Before installing anything its a good practice to update and upgrade the linux. By using these commands.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Remember type till discord and press TAB key it will automatically complete the file name. or else make sure you type correct discord version in this command, like i have 0.0.13 version . so my command is:

sudo tar -xvzf discord-0.0.13.tar.gz -C /opt

Step 3: Create Discord command in bin directory

Two files are very important here , A binary file name Discord and a desktop file named discord.desktop.

so we will use ln command to create symbolic link with binary file

sudo ln -sf /opt/Discord/Discord /usr/bin/Discord

Step 4: Create desktop icon and menu entry

This is the most technical part, i must say. but just follow the instructions right way and it will be fine.

go where the extracted files are placed. they will be in files system -> opt -> Discord

To edit the file discord.desktop we need to open it in Nano editor. Nano editor is pre-installed but still to make sure or if you don't have

sudo apt install nano

now enter this command to open it using nano editor

nano discord.desktop

then we are gonna change these two lines only in the file Exec and Icon and they will look like this after the change:



then press Ctrl+x to exit, it will ask for Y to save changes, Press Y there. then it will ask you to enter name for this modified version of file, Just press enter to save it this way.

We are almost done now :D .

now we have to move discord.desktop file from /opt/Discord directory to /usr/share/applications directory

There are two ways to do it , do it by any one of the following commands:

sudo cp -r /opt/Discord/discord.desktop /usr/share/applications


sudo mv /opt/Discord/discord.desktop /usr/share/applications

you can do it by using -f as well in it if needed

sudo mv -f /opt/Discord/discord.desktop /usr/share/applications

Step 5: Run Discord

WE are done. Now just search for the discord and run if from the menu. It will download updates and will be ready to work.

Note: If there will be a new version of discord available in future, you will have to delete the already installed one and then repeat these steps to install the new version of Discord.

Uninstalling Discord is another blog topic , so see you There !

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