Get AWS Certified for free!

Get AWS Certified for free!


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Hey Everyone, do you want to become AWS Certified for free?


I am sure that's you!

AWS Community Pakistan/AWS User Group Lahore/Islamabad/Karachi has launched a new program called "#AWSCERTIFIEDBANO", which aims to make 500+ people AWS certified for free within the next 2 months in Pakistan.


I know right!?

So how can you avail this offer?

The steps are simple:

  • You are an active member of AWS Community Pakistan/User Groups (have attended 2 meetups hosted by AWS Community Pakistan/AWS User Groups(Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad).-
  • Pass the Practice Exam.

What if I lack any of these or both criteria?

Well, no worries if you were unable to attend any 2 meetups in the last year because AWS user groups in Pakistan are hosting a few more meetups in the next 2 months so that many people can be facilitated by this opportunity. so just keep an eye on the AWS community Pakistan Facebook Page and Group:

Moreover, you can give the practice exam for free as well by this link

By completing both steps, you are eligible for a Free Exam Voucher from AWS Community Pakistan, just fill out the form:

the voucher is can be used to redeem on any, AWS Foundational, Associate, or Specialty/Professional exams.

Moreover, AWS Community Pakistan and User Groups will be hosting 50+ Bootcamp in different cities and virtually so maximum people can take benefit from this amazing opportunity provided by Amazon Web Services. Keep an eye on these through community group .

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Some Important Links:

AWS Community Pakistan Facebook Page AWS Community Pakistan AWS User Group Lahore AWS User Group Karachi AWS User Group Islamabad

Note: the information provided is upto best of my knowledge, AWS Community Pakistan and User Groups can change any of these criteria or details when ever they want, this blog has nothing to do with original program and just written to provide information and help you get maximum from this initiative provided by AWS Community Pakistan.

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